Understand policies and articles for Action Research Literate in managing published articles.

Before articles are submitted to Action Research Literate
Authors can only post articles in Action Research Literate if the articles have never been published in other journals or other servers.

After being submitted to a Action Research Literate
Authors can share or post viewing versions of the articles they find on the Action Research Literate website (https://arl.ridwaninstitute.co.id/index.php/arl)

After being accepted in a social science journal
If an author previously posted a version of an article they found on one of the following websites, he or she would need to replace the proposed version with the accepted Action Research Literate version. No other changes can be made to the accepted article.

Last published
When the article is published, the version posted must be with full citations to Action Research Literate, including DOI. He needs to replace the accepted version with the published version of the article from a Action Research Literate.